I’m pleased to announce that Zesty Virtual Assistants, under Heidi Wruck, is now a provisional member of the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers.

This is an organisation I have been wanting to sign with since I began my business, and now I have had the chance to work through the process! I am very excited about the opportunities that ICNZB offers, and most importantly the professional development learning pathways which will inform our practise.

What is ICNZB?

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The Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers is a nation wide recognised association supporting Bookkeepers across New Zealand through providing a code of ethics, professional development, support and guidelines to its’ members, with the aim of having a voice in the unique space of bookkeeping.

Why sign with ICNZB?

The decision to sign with ICNZB was an easy one to make! As a qualified Early Childhood Teacher in my early career, I have always viewed being part of a governing body (in this case NZ Teachers Council) as a way to access support, guidelines for ethics, professionalism and regulation of the industry. This is the same for the ICNZB. By participating in an industry recognised authority, I have a body of experience which I can ask questions of and most importantly be kept apprised of upcoming changes.

What does being part of ICNZB mean for ZestyVA?

The biggest reason to join is to be part of an industry recognised body which provides support and professional development. Staying apprised of changes in regulations and legislation, as well as having access to the new tools and information which can support our role in supporting businesses.

How does it affect ZestyVA’s clients?

The major benefit for our clients is that you know we have a strong Code of Ethics underpinning our work and we are constantly improving our quality work and knowledge through professional development.

Where to from here?

Being part of the ICNZB is a journey. The bookkeeping sector is ever-evolving and it is important for your Zesty Virtual Assistants bookkeepers to be up to date with the latest information in the sector. I will continue to work through the certification process as set by ICNZB and aim now to work towards full certification.

I’m looking forward to testing and strengthening my knowledge and being able to completely support my team and our clients with this information. I believe it is important to be involved in the professional bodies of the sector of the company. This helps to have a collective voice and effect change. Bringing this information to our clients is part of this; ensuring that our knowledge is up to date and we are abreast of any changes which affect the businesses we serve.