Bookkeeping & Payroll

Never fall behind in your accounts again!
Zesty Virtual Assistants Bookkeeping Daily

The task of “doing the books”, can weigh heavy on your shoulders.

Our skilled Virtual Bookkeeping team will;

✅ keep your books up to date,
✅ pay your team correctly and on time,
✅ allow you to focus on growing with the accurate data you need to make key crucial decisions!

When you’re struggling to prioritise your bookkeeping, things can get quite messy.
Where do you code the new tool? Into minor assets or plant & equipment?
The customer needs a refund. How do I create a credit?
Where is my cashflow at? Do I need to register for GST yet?

Or the one I heard the other day….
“CRAP! I haven’t sent the invoice out for the jobs I did two weeks ago, coz I had covid and completely forgot. Now I won’t have the cashflow to take out drawings , so my personal credit card payment is going to be late. 😫 URGH! “

Maybe you’ve just realised that you absolutely hate doing your daily accounts and actually you’d rather stab yourself in the eye then learn how to use Xero.

All this, and we haven’t even touched on payroll for small-medium teams yet… did you know there are at least 26 pieces of legislation related to employment law? Not to mention, getting payments, leave, sick & special leave entitlements wrong can cost you thousands?

How do we being?

Whether you’re a solo business owner or have a small team, our Bookkeeping & Payroll Packages are customised to suit your needs.

Because every business has its’ own unique flair, we customise your bookkeeping package to suit your needs. Systems and processes are designed and adapted with your business routines in mind.

2. Tidy my books
Onboarding Package

The first 2-3 months will be focused on streamlining processes, rectifying errors, following up on outstanding customers and suppliers, and bringing accounts into line.

3. Keep it Tidy
Ongoing Package

With all the hard work done, you move onto a monthly maintenance package customised for your unique business needs.

4. regular checkIns

All packages include regular check-ins, giving us time to discuss topics such as improving processes or watching for upcoming changes.

Tidy My Books!

Our onboarding package

We dig in deep into your accounts and make sure everything is correct. We rectify mistakes, merge contact records, and ensure transactions are coded correctly with the correct file attached to the transaction. We will also balance supplier statements, If you are using an industry specific CRM (e.g Discover, SAM, Fergus,

  • Custom package suitable for your business’s needs
  • First 2-3 months working to bring your everything into line
  • Regular communication through the process
  • Zoom meeting to discuss what’s happening.
  • Tidy up of email inbox bringing all digital bills into Xero (with permission)
  • All digital bills sorted, organised and reconciled against transactions
  • Regular Backup with XportMyData

  • Customisations
  • Importing missing bank feeds/transactions
  • Home office expenses entered
  • Supplier Statements balanced
  • Debtor follow up
  • Receipt & hard copy documents scanned and organised into folders

keep it tidy bookkeeping Package

Ongoing maintanence package

  • Customised package to suit your business needs after onboarding is complete
  • Accounts kept up to date
  • Regular communication with your Lead VA
  • Invoicing
  • Entering Bills
  • Batch Payments prepared
  • Balancing supplier statements
  • Regular Backup with XportMyData
  • Quarterly check in with Heidi

  • Customisations
  • Checking email for bills
  • Receipt & hard copy document management
Bookkeeping Optional Extras
  • Xero Subscription: When you don’t want to manage payment yourself
    – Cashbooks Plans available only through Xero Partners
    – Starter, Standard, Premium or Ultimate Xero Plans
  • GST preparation and filing

  • All Bookkeeping Packages exclude
  • End of Financial Year filing and preparations – this is where your accountant takes over!

Payroll Package

Add-on package

  • Customised package to suit your team’s size and needs
  • Payroll carried out on time
  • Regular communication with your Lead VA
  • New employees entered as needed
  • Entering Expense Claims
  • PAYE Pay-day filing exported
  • Pay Report emailed for approval
  • Secure connection with MyIR for Employment data

  • Add ons
  • Payroll Audit: mini, one or two years
  • Transfer into a new payroll system
  • Strategy to adapt payroll into more suitable process
  • We can add payroll system fees into our package

Our Bookkeeping & Payroll services are perfect for business owners who…

  • …are too busy to keep up with ‘doing the books’
  • …don’t want to learn how to do their daily accounts
  • …have had an increase in growth and haven’t had the time to prioritise the books
  • …don’t have time to double check supplier statements so just keep paying
  • …are having trouble with cashflow because they can’t get invoices out to clients soon enough
  • …aren’t meeting IRD deadlines and are being penalised
  • …have their accountant tapping their feet to finalise End of Financial Year
  • …struggle to have the cashflow to pay the team on time
  • …don’t want to deal with payroll at all
  • …have disgruntled team members because payroll is late, or incorrect