If there’s one thing which frustrates a business owner more, it’s trying to market on social media in all the places…. and there are so many places.

Publer Social Media Scheduler

I have searched and searched the internet, review sites, and “Top X Social Media Schedulers for 202X” and while the ones I have come across have been great, nothing has really captured me to to part with my money.

Then I came across Publer – the platform claiming to be my social media superhero. So I signed up to the free version and had a play. And their claims were not unfounded… they were right – right enough for me to hand over my money!

Publer is a social media management tool for busy business owners.

Even though I run a Virtual Assistants business and we provide social media management to our clients, I still find it difficult to create content for my business. I think it’s because I spend so much of my creative energy on creating for my clients I find it tricky to get my brain in gear for me!

So Publer has been the perfect solution. Not only can I get a good batch of content scheduled ready to go, I can also set up recurring posts to my evergreen content. Now I don’t have to try find all the elements which are spread out through my social media pages and repost them, I can set it up to recur and off we go.

My review of Publer

So I’ve been searching and searching for a decent SM scheduler, and this one is the first one where I’ve gone “you know what, I actually want to sign up right now on the spot”. It’s affordable even on my New Zealand budget and I can recommend it to clients to try for free. I can’t wait to get started on scheduling content! 🥳

Publer helps create cohesive branding.

Publer connects to all the main platforms, and not just the account holder! Publer also connects to the pages and groups associated with the main account! What does that mean? You can create the same or similar posts across all your networks

  • You can post to Facebook Groups
  • You can post to your Facebook Page
  • You can post to your Instagram Business Page
  • You can post to your LinkedIn Company Page!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of social media schedulers who can’t do something as simple as posting to a company page.

Zesty Virtual Assistants - Tools Publer Screenshot
  • I can post the same post to each of these connected spaces
  • I can tailor the content to each platform.
  • I can save the #hashtags for use later
  • I can bulk upload content in a variety of ways

    The sky is the limit with a Superhero at your side!
Zesty Virtual Assistants - Tools Publer Screenshot attach media

Adding media from your favourite places is easy!

Publer links to all the main social media accounts in a few clicks.

Keeping on top of all the different networks is so time consuming. Making sure all the images are resized and the text works for each platform… it really is chore. Publer has found a way to make this simple!

Show the same content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, YouTube and even Pinterest (with some help from Zapier)

You can even attach media from all you favourite places, including Canva. What headspin! It’s so simple!

Why I recommend Publer to clients.

There are four things which attracted me to invest in Publer over the other social media scheduling platforms;

  • It’s super easy to connect to your accounts. Publer doesn’t just connect to the managing account; it connects to the associated accounts as well – so it’s easy to post to your Linkedin company page, or your facebook groups.
  • They are constantly updating their blog with new articles and information, articles and knowledge about how to run your social media.
    This company wants it’s users to be successful in their businesses and it shows!
  • Publer has a free version which allows for 5 accounts and limited posting – enough for my clients to trial with enough features to make your life easy and really help you fall in love with it!
  • The flexibility in the subscription plans are unbeatable. You can add from a minimum of 5 accounts all the way up to as many as you like.

Try it for free!

What I’ve covered is literally just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many features that Publer provides that I can’t possibly cover them all here.

So Head over to Publer and try it for free – don’t just take my word for it! See how this social media superhero will come to your business’s rescue!