All-Round Admin Support

When you’re looking for someone who can take care of all those repeating monthly admin tasks, then we have the right packages for you!

admin services

Our wrap-around admin packages are our most popular choice for our clients.

Use your monthly hours to delegate a variety of tasks from across your business admin, for example bookkeeping or payroll, clearing your voicemail, managing your inbox, ad-hoc social media creation, website updates, preparing documents, planning and accountability sessions and much more.

Keep track of how many hours you have left in your package through our personalised client portal. You will receive an email every Monday morning inviting you to view the hours used and tasks carried out.

All-Round Admin Packages

Adding a bit of Zest back into that admin!


A Tiny Bit of Help


Up to 5 hours per month


Keep on top of those bits and pieces


Up to 10hrs per month


Taking care of business

$1489 + gst

Up to 20hrs per month

All the Zest

Leave It To Us

$2219 + gst

30hrs or more per month

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Frequently Asked questions about Monthly Retainer packages

If you think you’ll need a different set of hourly amounts, then we can absolutely accommodate you. The above are simply the ‘tiers’ for the different pricing (if you work it out by the hour, the more you buy the cheaper the hour is).

If you need 6, 12 or 18 hours per month, then we will provide a retainer package which will suit you.

We will contact you and discuss the options; we can hold off the work until the hours ‘tick’ over. Otherwise if you really need that piece of work to be completed, then we will charge you hourly for the extra time.

The hourly time will be charged at our casual hourly rate (this is due to the work not being planned for, so we will need to shift our schedule to accommodate the work)

Depending on the situation (for example if it is an emergency or you have planned a holiday and we have notice) then we can ‘pause’ the hours for the month. With discussion we can pause for a maximum of three months.

After that, we will need to have a conversation as to whether you still need our services or if there needs to be a change in what we are delivering to you.

Yes, absolutely we can adjust the hours up or down to suit your needs. We need to be notified of the changes in writing by the 25th of the month prior to the changes taking place in order for us to amend the coming months invoice.

Be aware that adjusting the hours into a different tier may change the hourly price you are being charged.

Due to planning the capacity for our team and managing other clients work, we cannot roll over hours into the coming month.

You always have access to your Client Portal where you are able to check hours available for the month, and tasks carried out for you for the month.

If we predict we won’t have enough work to fill the time, we will contact you and see what other tasks we can do for you, e.g. non-priority tasks, or getting a head start on the work for the coming month.

Yes, as we will still be carrying out the work for you – e.g. Social Media will be scheduled ahead of time, projects will be worked on before the last day, and any bookkeeping will be carried out and tidied off.

For any business which do not close, we will have a discussion and make a plan for what tasks must be carried out (e.g payroll) and what work can wait until we come back.

With a monthly package we know exactly how many hours we need to set aside per day/week to work on your tasks. This helps my team with their weekly planning and ensuring tasks are carried out on time. You also know you have those hours there, so together we can regularly plan and achieve the growth in your business you’re after.

We have found when charging by the hour we cannot always accurately plan for your work. We may have already allocated our capacity to other clients. If you ask us to do some work which we have not planned for, we may not be able to get to it in the timeframe needed. This can make the process of frustrating for all of us, as of course we want to serve you the best we can!

Our hourly rate is also higher than our package rate; this difference is to accommodate the extra administration at our end which goes into providing and planning for casual hours.

If we’re not sure how many hours you’ll need for your business, we can always start off with 5-6 hours per month, and then work our way up from there as we become more familiar with your business. Otherwise a stand-alone package may suit your needs better.