Website Design & Creation

A website is an investment in your business, so it’s important it converts browsing people into customers who are ready to buy!

ZVA Website Basic Package sml opt

We recommend using a self-hosted WordPress website as the best option for your business. You are in control of the hosting company you choose, and therefore the costs associated with it. No one can hike the price up or hide fees! A self-hosted WordPress site is one of the platforms in which you truly own and control everything you put on it, and that’s important!

We use Kadence Pro themes and plugins to create fast, eye catching and mobile friendly websites. Using a Starter Template as a base, we customise the site with your colours, logo (branding) and words (copy) to create an amazing asset for your business.

While a WordPress website may have a larger upfront cost compared to other platforms, the ongoing cost is often cheaper, the ability to be found on search engines is often better, and the usability and flexibility to make the site fit your business vibe exceeds any other platform I’ve personally used.

Your Website from start to finish

One of your biggest business assets created with your customer in mind.

Our customisable packages allow create an online space which is completely in your control.

Investment begins at $2199.00+gst

Payment plans available

Zesty Virtual Assistants Bookkeeping Monthly

create Your Full Website!

  • Your Bespoke Package Includes:
  • Lifetime license for 1 site:
    Kadence Pro Themes and Plugins for eye catching, speedy and mobile responsive sites
  • Initial Kick-off Zoom meeting to:
    + log into any systems
    + go over details and scope including what you want your site to achieve
    + robust discussion to understand your business, your ideal customer and how your want to talk to them
    + Choose a starter template and get a good understanding of how you want your site to look and feel.
  • Pages created with your images and words (copy)
    + Home Page
    + About Me/Us
    + Contact Us
    + Service or Product page
    + One other page e.g.
    Terms & Conditions
    Our Team
    Link in Bio landing page.
  • On page SEO
  • Images edited for website usability
  • Linking all necessary plugins to your analytics, SEO, contact forms, security, and social media.
  • Video overview of how your website works.
  • 2x Zoom meetings to go over revisions and sign off the project.
  • Add More:
  • We write the words (copy)
  • We source stock images
  • Additional pages
  • Upgrade from our ESSENTIALS package for a discount.
ZestyVA Website WooCommerce

add on:
e-commerce store with WooCommerce

  • Customised Package
  • Kadence ShopKit 2.0 – product pages which pop!
  • Set up of WooCommerce Store
  • Online payment portals e.g Stripe or paypal
  • Products added as a templated page using your images and words (copy)
  • On page product SEO
  • Video overview of how to accept & process orders
  • Add More
  • We write the copy (words)
  • Customised pages for products
ZestyVA Website Online Booking Amelia

Add On
Service Booking:

  • Package Includes:
  • Lifetime Licence for 1 site:
    Amelia Booking Plugin
  • Setup of Amelia back end
    integrate with your zoom
    integrate with you Google calendar
  • Services added using your words (copy) and images
  • Zoom meetings to go over revisions
  • Linking to a payment portal (e.g. stripe) or linking to your WooCommerce store
  • Video of how to accept bookings & process orders
  • Add More
  • We write the copy (words)
  • We source stock images for product use

Website Essentials

If you’re looking for a platform style website (like Shopify, Wix or Squarespace) but you want control over the ongoing charges, this is perfect package.
We walk you through how to purchase your domain & hosting. We set up all the back end tech, and then you go create your website!
  • Package Includes
  • Lifetime license for 1 site:
    Kadence Pro Themes and Plugins for eye catching, speedy and mobile responsive sites
  • Initial Kick-off Zoom meeting to:
    + login or create your systems
    + go over details and scope including what you want your site to achieve
    + Pick a theme and install it on your site.
  • All necessary plugins installed and set up to your analytics, SEO, contact forms, security, and social media and more
  • References to relevant YouTube tutorials for your successful website creation
  • Add On
  • Extra Zoom meetings for further support
  • Support integration to newsletter applications (MailPoet, MailChimp, etc)
  • Install and back end setup of WooCommerce
  • Install and back end setup of Amelia Booking Plugin – Lifetime licence for 1 website
  • Create your Website Package; Upgrade at a discount. If you find yourself struggling, we can take over.

Monthly Website Maintenance

  • Regular updates to WordPress core, plugins & themes
  • Scan through the site to check pages all work
  • Fix anything which breaks due to updates
  • Report if anything major changes, or feature updates to plugins will cause significant updates
  • Invoiced Extra
  • Front end website changes
  • Image updates or changes
  • Copy (text) changes
  • Updates due to major feature changes
  • All extras are discussed before being actioned

Frequently Asked Questions about Websites

I have been creating WordPress websites for over 20 years. I started teaching myself HTML in high school computing class and my first personal blog (all the rage in the late 90s!) was created with WordPress 1.1. I flunked my last year of high school computing because there were no website modules I could take… the course work back then was all about word processing and using excel and databases – coursework I had long since aced. Creating websites for commercial use came naturally, and I created sites for several businesses before deciding to bring this skillset into ZestyVA and up my professional game.

The honest answer is because I like to have control of my business assets, and I believe you should too!

Other platforms are known to have a lower entry fee, however add significant fees depending on what you want to do; add an ecommerce platform and payment gateways, add on booking, extra users (so someone else can create the site) and more you add the higher your monthly price is. You are at the mercy of the platform, and it’s not easy to export your site out of that platform if you decide to change. I’ve heard other designers describe these platforms like drug dealers; they get you with lower fees and then trap you in their system.

WordPress and it’s ecommerce add-on WooCommerce in itself are essentially free. They are a type of programme called “open source” which means that the code is open for free download. The benefits are that the code is robust, secure, and updated regularly or immediately if there is a security vulnerability. Generally as long as the additional plugins are from a reputable source, and your site is kept up to date, your website will be secure from attacks. However, like putting on your seatbelt, we make sure your security is up to date.

So why does this matter compared to other platforms? Because the WordPress software is opensource, and runs approx 43.5% of the internet. This means there are a lot of eyes on the code looking out for flaws in the design. If a piece of code is hacked or found vulnerable, it can be fixed in a matter of hours using the group resources of all the tech brains out there, and an urgent update can be sent out across the system within minutes of the fix being created. This type of resourcing just isn’t possible when it’s a private company. If your platforms code is hacked, the company that owns that code has limited resources to fix it, and those vulnerabilities may be known about for months before they’re addressed… because fixing that vulnerability comes down to company priority… in the end it’s all bottom line profits. On top of that, the company may not choose to tell their customers about the vulnerability. The level of transparency is up to the individual company.

I don’t know about you, but knowing my website or clients data could be exposed to security risks that I can’t mitigate is not my idea of a safe website platform.

Now of course the above is generalised across “all other website platforms” and like any industry there are great platforms and there are weaker ones. So if you’re still not convinced, do your research and compare. A simple google search of “Compare WordPress to {insert platform} is a great place to start.

WordPress runs on a system of blocks called Gutenberg blocks. Think of it as similar to Publisher. You insert a block to do a certain task e.g. Heading, text, image, etc. Kadence is an addition to this, and has a set of blocks and plugins which enhance (rather than take over) Gutenberg. This means your site stays speedy and creating a page is a much more pleasant process! Kadence also has designers which create website templates. These templates help speed up the design process because they give you a place to start, and they show off the latest Kadence improvements. It’s always easier to start a project when you have some boundaries to start from.

Zesty owns a developer licence of Kadence. This means that we are allowed to on-sell access to the Kadence products to our clients, allowing us to create amazing professional websites your customers will love.

Amelia is a booking plugin perfect for services such as beauty therapists, coaches, or anywhere where you need to create a “meeting” for the service to be carried out.

Amelia can integrate with your Zoom, and with your calendar allowing your customers to book with you with ease. You can create one-off bookings, or multiple bookings with package options, e.g. book 3 coaching sessions and you get a discount.

You can also use it for online courses e.g. if you’re running a workshop and you want multiple different people to attend.

The only thing it can’t do currently, but is being worked on, is for customers to choose the start and end date/time. This means it’s not currently suitable for accommodation or boarding kennels.

Amelia can stand alone with your WordPress website, or it can integrate with WooCommerce, allowing your clients to book services and products at the same time with one checkout payment.

Zesty owns a developer licence for Amelia, which means we are able to on-sell full access to the product to our clients, creating a robust booking service for your customers.