Shine Online with Social Media

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Social Media Content Creation

Creating an eye-catching online presence is just one part of your marketing strategy

Your website, newsletter and social media should work in harmony together, moving people from watching your business to engaging & buying.

Your social media presence not only shows customers what you do and how you do it, well crafted posts also tap into your SEO (being found on search engines), increasing your website reach, and the ‘know, like & trust’ factor; the not-so-secret ingredient in building a relationship with your client.

We recommend focusing on one or two platforms where your clients are most likely hanging out. With other platforms, the content can be ‘pushed out’, helping your SEO.

The idea of Social Media is to develop a relationship with your potential customers, and then bring them to the space which you completely own; that is your website.

We recommend a presence on at least platforms; Google Business, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

ZestyVA Social Media Evergreen Package

Social Media Foundations

Three months of the baseline content you need to showcase your business
Building the foundations of your social media includes:
  • Strategy meeting to deeply understand your
    + business,
    + story,
    + brand image,
    + customers
    + products & services.
  • Up to 36 posts created from
    + your business story
    + Your service & product offerings
    + Your client reviews
    + Advertising your freebie/lead magnet
    + Join your Newsletter
    + Linking to articles (blog posts) you’ve written
    + Linking to media articles published about you & your business
    + Linking to other content which makes sense to have in a recurring schedule
  • Using your provided images
  • Ready for you to add to your social media
  • Customise your package with
  • Publer Social Media Schedular Business Plan
  • We schedule posts for you
  • Additional posts
  • We source stock images
  • Carousels (the swipy ones) suitable for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
ZestyVA Social Media Basic Package

Shine Online Monthly

Our customised monthly Social Media package promoting
Also builds perfectly on our Social Media Foundations package
  • Your ongoing monthly package includes:
  • customised number of posts for exactly what you need
  • Monthly meeting where we discuss
    + what is important in
    + Discuss any upcoming dates, events, or promotions
  • Images created using a mix of your pictures & stock images
  • Copy (words) written and hashtags used
  • Customise your package with:
  • Publer Social Media Schedular Business Plan
  • We schedule the posts for you
  • Carousels (the swipy ones) suitable for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle!

Turn your existing content into social media posts
  • Package Options:
  • Turning a blog post into a static post
  • Turning a blog post into a carousel suitable for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Turning a blog post into an Instagram story for highlights
  • Turning a YouTube video into a blog post
  • Turning a YouTube video into a static post (1 image and copy)
  • Turning a Youtube video into a carousel for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn (up to 10 images and copy)
  • Turning a YouTube video into an Instagram story for highlights


Carousels are the posts which you swipe across to view. These types of posts are very highly engaging, encouraging the person to swipe through the slides which are typically used to tell a story or teach something.

Not usually as we focus more on graphic posts rather than video posts

Publer is our recommended social media scheduling tool which we can post to all your social media platforms with ease, as well as track analytics and more. You can check it out here for free:

Given the unique nature of your business, your social media package will be different to the next persons. After we’ve had a chat, we can discuss your budget and what approach will suit your business and your audience best.

Our approach to your social media is not about the “vanity” metrics (e.g how many people are following you). We’re interested in learning what types of posts your audience likes to engage in, posts which promote “Know, Like, Trust” in you and your brand, and posts which promote the person to reach out to talk to you or purchase from you. This is why we like to start with the Social Media Foundations.