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Where I am now…

August 2022

There is something scary and also very empowering about creating a small business niche for yourself in amongst the sea of amazing entrepreneurs out there. This is where I am right now. Knowing that I have the skillset to provide a quality service for others, and yet all those funny feelings that creep into every mind of a person taking their leap into self-employment!

Let me give you a little bit more about who I am.

Photo: Wruck Family; My husband Chris, Me, our eldest Alex, our youngest Tommy

Wruck Family 2021
Berlin 2020

Currently my focus is building my own small business in the Virtual Assistant world. My passion, which I have learnt from owning my own businesses in the past, is supporting other entrepreneurs in their businesses; behind the scenes in the world of numbers and invoicing, working with customers, and dealing with emotional rollercoaster which is working in the self-employed space.

I am a Mum to two young primary school boys. This is definitely not without it’s challenges, however I have learnt so much about running a “tight ship” since my boys came along. I am naturally an organised person, and now my scheduling has evolved into time blocking and dedicated allocated time where I can pump out a good amount of work in a focused time frame.

Photo: Visiting the Berlin TV tower

Life experience goes a long way…

Previous to starting a family with my husband, I was an Early Childhood Teacher in various roles; from working directly with children in an Early Childhood Centre and as an In-Home Educator, to a Visiting Teacher role in which I would advise and support Nannies and In-Home Educators caring for the children.

While on my O.E. in London, I worked for the local Borough across two Childcare Centres advising and mentoring the managers as well as providing professional development to their teams. My biggest achievement was winning funding to almost completely overhaul one of the Centres (a Bangladeshi Women’s Centre supporting Women with their education and ESoL courses). The Centre gained a top ranking when it was inspected by the Government body (OFSTED; akin to ERO). I was back in NZ when the inspection took place, and the manager messaged me in glee as soon as she found out. I am to this day so proud of the team and the work we did together!

Photo: My face on the side of a London Bus as part of the Tower Hamlets recycling campaign. This bus went from Tower Hamlets to the centre of the city – so yes I did get recognised!

Heidi on London Bus
Olympic Butchery Blackboard Sign

You Learn by Doing

Running Olympic Butchery in Naenae Mall, alongside my husband has been the biggest learning curve for me. I am proud to say that my husband and I do make a great team professionally, which I know is a blessing as that doesn’t happen often!

From learning Xero inside and out, how to create a solid employment contract, HR management and discipline procedures, eye-catching advertising, job description writing, policy and procedure writing, social media & online presence, you know as well as I do, when you are self-employed, you aren’t just running business, you ARE the business.

While this was an incredibly hectic time in our lives, I am so grateful that we had the chance to run a retail shop. It literally threw me into the deep end. I learned so much about myself and my strengths, and I had to grow the confidence in my skills. I wouldn’t have the confidence for my career change if we hadn’t done this together.

Photo: Weekly specials on our purpose made sign

The Only Way is Onwards!

2021 is a year for getting on with things I think! My first goal is to finish off my L3 Certificate in Business Administration course I am currently studying through Open Polytechnic. I started this during lockdown, and it has been a great way to refresh those skills I learnt in high school, and to sign off the skills I have learnt over the last few years.

I will also tackle the Xero Advisor Certification this year. Again, it will be good to have sign off on the skills I already have, and to be able to officially say that I have this status!

My most immediate goal however, will be to sign with the Institute of Certified New Zealand Bookkeepers and work through their membership process. I believe it is important to be part of a governing body; not just only for the protection this affords myself and my clients, but also for the community that is built. Support, strength and courage can have it’s ups and downs when you’re self employed; so being part of a community of like minded people then I’m going to be part of that!

2021 Goals

Thank you for taking the time!

To be honest it was great to get all of this information down and in to a space where my current and potential clients can see who I am and what I am about. So thank you for taking the time to read to here!

My Studies

Victoria University, Wellington

Bachelor of Teaching: Early Childhood Education
Including papers other than primarily ECE focused, that covered topics such as;
– Pacifika cultures
– Te Ao Māori
– Ti Titiri o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi)
– Professionalism in the workplace
– Working as a team
– Government legislation

Bachelor of Arts: Education
Including Papers in
– Photography & Design
– Management,
– Japanese Language
– Anthropology
– Counselling

Professional Development

April 2021: Copywriting Challenge with Chantelle Davison from Choice Words by Chantelle

2020-21: NZ Cert in Business Administration and Technology Level 3 – Open Polytechnic

2018: “Xero Basic” with Carolyn Bates; Day course – Community Education Centre Wellington

2016: “Accounting – The Basics” with Murry Ingram; 6 week course – Community Education Centre Wellington

2010: Introduction to German (1 & 2) – Community Education Centre Wellington

2009: Pikler Summer Course Part 1 – Working with Infants and Toddlers using the Pikler Philosophy.

Teacher Registration:
305836 – Expired July 2016