Tidy My Books!

Gain a clear understanding of how your business is tracking financially once we’ve tidied your books!

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Talk to us about what your business specifically needs and we’ll tailor your package to suit you.
Hand over everything you can find; shoe boxes, folders…. we’ll organise it all!
We’ll hand you back your accounts ready for you to work with, or we can carry on working with you!

Clients who use our “Tidy My Books” Service often…

  • …are couple of months or more behind in their daily accounting.
  • …have just been through a busy period and aren’t sure when they will fit in time to update the books.
  • …have had an increase in growth of their business and haven’t had time to prioritise the books.
  • …aren’t sure if the supplier statements are correct and so are just paying the statement without checking the invoices.
  • … have outstanding credits from their suppliers which they haven’t followed up with.
  • … have outstanding customer invoices waiting to be paid.
  • …have taken back the the books from someone else and haven’t been able to prioritise the work into their schedule so have fallen behind.
  • … are not able to meet GST deadlines and are being penalised.
  • …have accountants tapping their feet to get End of Year filed to avoid penalties.
  • …continue on with one of our monthly bookkeeping packages to avoid getting behind again.
  • If you have:
    + receipts and paperwork scattered everywhere
    + not sure which bills have been paid,
    + you don’t know who still needs to pay you
    + and you’re struggling to keep on top of regular reconciliation
    Then book a call with Heidi and we’ll get you sorted out!

How will you Tidy My Books?

Basic Package

  • Reconciliation of up to 200 transactions
  • Digital data organised and reconciled against transactions
  • Search through email and bring digital bills into Xero
  • Regular communication throughout the process
  • 2x 1 hour Zoom Meetings for clarification of any details, and finalisation of project.
  • Home office expenses entered
  • Accounts ready for:
    + your accountant,
    + for your further work,
    + to move onto one of our Bookkeeping Packages.

Add on

  • Additional transactions
  • Hard copy supplier bills and receipts scanned, entered and filed into ring-binder
  • Supplier Statement balanced against transactions.
  • Additional Zoom Meetings
  • Other tasks which fall outside this scope which will be charged extra:
    + research
    + reporting
    + follow up with outstanding payments
    + communications with suppliers regarding bills/statement queries
  • Xero subscription purchase
  • Setup your business into Xero
  • Weekly Backups to XportMyData

Talk to Heidi today and have your accounts organised.
Don’t leave that weight on your shoulders any longer!