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Our When you’re looking for someone to help with a problem, an issue or to bounce some ideas around, our support services are perfect for you.

ZVA Support Training One on one

Being in business can be lonely sometimes!
This I know from my own experience.

We can’t do it all, and sometimes it’s hard just trying to figure out where to go to get some information, or where to bounce ideas around.

In my 10+ years owning my own businesses and supporting other businesses, I’ve seen a lot. While in my last business, my accountant said to me “I can’t believe everything you’ve been through; I’ve never seen one business have so many things happen”! When we closed that business, my same accountant said “So what’s your next business going to be?”

This is why I started Zesty Virtual Assistants and offer Support and Training services; to allow you to chat with someone whose “been there done that”. And as a teacher at heart, I can help with quite a multitude of issues! So if you’re looking for a bit of extra help, choose a service below and we can get chatting.

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ZestyVA Pick My Brain
Solve my Problem

One Session: $139.00
Book Three sessions $379.00
incl GST and payment fees

When you’re feeling a bit stuck with a problem in your business, sometimes you just need to know there’s someone there who you can talk to, whose been there done that!

Book a 1 hour Zoom session and we can sift through some of those issues, for example

  • A problem or issue with your bookkeeping in Xero
  • Setting up a professional email signature
  • WordPress website questions
  • Setting up or integrating a product or a system: e.g. AirTable, Publer, Xero, Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Calendly, Asana, and others.

If you’re looking for help with something else and you’re not sure if it’s in my skillset, please book a discovery call first and I will let you know!

ZestyVA Keep On Track Accountability Sessions
Accountability – Keep on Track

Investment from $199.00
Book Three Sessions for $329.00
incl GST and payment fees

When you have a goal in mind and you need someone to regularly meet with to achieve that goal, our accountability sessions are exactly what you need!

Work with Heidi and we can get that goal planned out and actioned.

  • Meet regularly; weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly.
  • Brainstorm and bounce around ideas.
  • Keep the big goal in sight and figure out the smaller manageable steps.

Book our session together here

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