When you’re ready to grow,
it’s time to let go!

Outsource your admin to Zesty Virtual Assistants, and focus your time and energy back where it needs to go; into your business!

Outsource to Zesty Virtual Assistants

Are you a busy business owner feeling completely overwhelmed with all the admin tasks you need to do to keep your business going day-to-day?

  • Are your fighting against your to-do list?

    Are you struggling to prioritise tasks such as:
  • your daily bookkeeping
  • getting social media created
  • updating your website
  • or generally keep on top of information and admin tasks such as
  • creating employee contracts
  • updating your business policies
  • the constant compliance or legislative changes?
  • and continuously running out of time to
  • chase customers for order details or
  • pay outstanding bills

OR are you just struggling to get in front of a computer to clear your 1000s of emails?!

How would it feel to get that space back in your brain,
focusing your energy into creating your amazing product
or providing an outstanding service?

What about having an extra pair of hands to clear your to-do list,
bounce around planning and ideas to get your business moving?

It’s time to outsource your admin to
Zesty Virtual Assistants!


of NZs workforce is employed by small to medium Enterprises

Source: Scoop News
Outsourcing IT Key For SME Growth
Saturday, 14 May 2022, 5:44 am


of businesses have fewer than 20 employees

Source: MBIE

Small Business in 2021 Facts Sheet


Of business owners said running a business has negatively effected their mental health

Source: XERO & The Mental Health Foundation NZ
Small Business Wellbeing Report 2019

I’ve been where you are!

Zesty Virtual Assistants is my 5th business; some of these I built with my husband Chris, and some of them I did on my own.

Our most recent business before this was Olympic Butchery Naenae Mall. This was our first big business where we needed strict records and policies, adhere to legislation and local council compliance, as well as learn how create solid employment contracts, carry out payroll. I built a 1000+ following on Facebook, and we had numerous 5-star reviews both on Google Business and Facebook. We had customers from all over Wellington and Wairarapa to see us! Apart from creating our website (I’ve been making WordPress websites for private use and businesses since I was 19) I had to learn all of this stuff from scratch.

It was a lot to learn! And that’s just scratching the surface!

We entered at a tough time for our community. The council closing key buildings in our area which directly effected our turn over; loosing up to 20% overnight, we had shoplifting, employee theft, and even someone impersonating our business online! We dealt with so much.

Highlights at the time was supporting Team Naenae Trust to reawaken the Naenae Village Market, creating the Naenae Business Owners group to talk about and work with council with the issues we were facing, speaking on behalf of Naenae at Campbell Barry‘s announcement to run for Mayor for Lower Hutt in 2019.

In the end our business literally caught fire and closed. The stress of dealing with insurance, landlords, and ever-moving repair timelines meant our business wasn’t viable to start again, and with everything we’d been through, financially we couldn’t go any further. It was one of the hardest decisions we could make, and telling this to our amazing team was equally distressing. So when the Mental Health Foundation NZ report 39% of business owners have said their mental health has been negatively impacted by running a business, I believe it.

This was the spark for me to create Zesty Virtual Assistants. My husband and I had the support of each other and the other shop owners in our neighbourhood.
Not all business owners are that lucky.

This is what I want to change for you. To help you organise the admin tasks of your business so you can focus on what really matters – the bigger vision and moving your business forward to grow!
Zesty Virtual Assistants - Heidi Wruck Owner Director

What Tasks can I outsource?

There is a multitude of tasks you may want to outsource to us. There’s clearing your voicemail and email inbox management, to following up with clients for outstanding invoices. Maybe you’re having trouble keeping your bookkeeping up to date, or your struggling with knowing what to do next and need some planning and accountability. These are all tasks we can do!

ZVA Bookkeeping Daily

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Organising your daily finances so you can look at reports and know where your money is going. Never get behind in your bookkeeping again!
Investment starts from just $99+gst per month.

ZVA Shine Online

Social Media & Website Design

Creating a asset which promotes your business online and brings customers to your door; Shine Online with our digital content packages

All Round Admin Support Zesty Virtual Assistants

Wrap Around Admin Support

When you have a mix of tasks you need taken off your to-do list, our
All-Round Admin Package
is the perfect solution.
Investment starting from $375+gst per month

What have you done for your other clients?

Just Amazing

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Heidi and her team are just amazing. They are making my daily life so much easier, so that I can concentrate more on my business.
Their experience helped me and my team a lot, for example sorting the invoices and keeping us up to date with the books.
Thanks a lot.
Stefanie Riediger
Precision House Care Ltd

business mentor and admin rolled into one!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Heidi is like a business mentor and admin rolled into one! Her enthusiasm and zest (see what I did there?!) for your business is so encouraging, I felt totally supported. She has super creative and clever ideas for your business and then helps you to carry them out in a practical way – amazing! Zesty go above and beyond and you can be confident you will get value for your money with them, 100% recommended!!
Gina Sinclair
G-Gees Sustainable Fashion

Zesty is the best

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I Highly Recommend 5-star
Jason Davis
VIP Movers Ltd

So what are you waiting for?

That stack of paperwork isn’t going to file itself!

Talk to Heidi today with a free, non-salesy Zoom consultation.

We’ll talk about what’s happening in your business right now, what you’re struggling with and what tasks you wish to outsource from your to-do list to ours