If you’re on the fence about whether you should bring on a Virtual Assistant, lets have a look at the entire eco-system of your business and the entirety of tasks you “should” be doing to get the most out of your business.

From newsletters to digital marketing, to bookkeeping and following up on late payers, there is so much that happens in your daily business life… and that’s not even considering what happens when your children are home sick, or you need to take your dog to the vet. Keeping on top of all those tasks can be challenging at the best of times!

So here is our list of business tasks to delegate to your virtual business administration pro!

ZVA Business Tasks To Delegate

#1 Bookkeeping

  • Setting you up into a financial software option e.g Xero or MYOB
  • Regular reconciliation
  • Creating invoices and sending them out to customers (accounts receivable)
  • Following up with late payments (debtors)
  • Sending statements to customers
  • Inputting bills ready for you to pay (accounts payable)
  • Making sure monthly statements from suppliers are correct
  • Following up with credits
  • Returning credits – booking the courier
  • Checking invoices for any signs of scam/hacking
  • Keeping up with legislation updates and changes
  • Cash banking
  • Following up with and entering home office expenses
  • Employee expenses reimbursement
  • Reporting on profit & loss
  • Supplier audit – checking that all of the systems you’re signed up to and paying for you’re actually using, they’re being used to their full potential, or if you can move to another provider – e.g. internet provider or CRM software etc
  • Preparing documentation for the accountant e.g End of Financial Year

#2 Payroll

  • Inputting employees details correctly into Payroll system
  • Carrying out the payrun
  • Ensuring wages/salary is being calculated correctly
  • Tracking leave entitlements especially when work days change
  • Tracking budgets
  • Ensuring payments are made correctly especially for overtime, or bonuses etc
  • Ensuring Pay Day Filing is carried out
  • Ensuring employees are on the correct contract
  • Keeping up to date with legislative changes
  • Researching the correct payroll system for your company

#3 Email management

  • Cleaning up the inbox
  • Setting rules to ensure correct emails go to the right folder or person
  • Professional email signature
  • Researching the best programme to use for your emails for your company
  • Responding to customer enquiries
  • Forwarding email to the correct team member

#4 Customer Service

  • Answering phone calls (phone divert)
  • Clearing Voicemails
  • Responding to customer emails
  • Responding to social media enquiries
  • Following up to ensure customers have been served
  • Booking and scheduling customers into your calendar
  • Customer presents, postcards, birthday cards etc

#5 HR Support

  • Editing contracts for new employees ready for authority signoff
  • Documenting onboarding processes for new employees
  • Documenting company policies and procedures
  • Writing up minutes from employee meetings e.g. annual review, pay review, disciplinary meetings etc
  • Researching information/answers for employment related issues
  • Researching and implementing HR software

#6 Back-office Tasks

  • Data entry
  • Schedule management
  • Research
  • Travel Planning
  • Booking rooms for meetings, restaurants for annual team dinner etc
  • Writing up meeting minutes
  • Documenting systems, processes and procedures
  • Transcribing
  • Proofreading
  • Event planning

#7 Websites

  • Creating a website that is fit for your business needs
  • Revamping your existing website
  • Regular website updates
  • Regular website back-end maintenance
  • Ensuring the website is working properly
  • Uploading products into the ecommerce shop and writing great descriptions
  • Linking website to relevant external applications e.g. Google Business & social media
  • On page SEO helping your site to rank in searches
  • Creating good thumbnails/featured images
  • Ensuring the UX (user experience) is streamlined and easy to follow
  • Creating lead pages

#8 Social Media

  • Setting up the relevant social media platforms for your business e.g. Facebook Page, LinkedIn company page etc that matches your company colours and branding
  • Planning the content with you
  • Creating eye-catching graphics for posts
  • Repurposing your other content into your social media plan eg blog posts, newsletters, YouTube, podcasts, etc
  • Researching the best social media scheduling platform to make this streamlined and simple
  • Group management; Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Researching and managing going live for webinars

#9 Creative Tasks

  • Writing blog posts from your notes which help you to rank in searches and show your knowledge
  • Researching the best newsletter platform option for your business
  • Creating e-book freebies for your newsletter list
  • Creating a ‘welcome sequence’ for your newsletter list
  • Writing regular newsletters to your customers
  • Creating business cards
  • Creating advertising material; brochures, flyers, leaflets
  • Document design and formatting eg reports or presentations
  • Researching best course teaching platform for your situation
  • Uploading course content into your training platform

#10 Preparing documents and reports

  • Preparing documentation for small claims
  • Preparing documentation for legal investigations
  • Preparing documentation for end of financial year filing
  • Preparing documentation for annual general meetings, board meetings etc

#11 Planning, Accountability And Support

  • Brainstorm sessions to help work through issues or plan company growth
  • Accountability sessions to help you keep up with the goals you’ve set
  • Planning sessions for yearly, quarterly & monthly business goals, especially in relation to task delegation and capacity for the work

This is not the whole list!

There are so many other tasks a virtual assistant can help you with… all you need to do is ask!

Whether you’re looking for a generalist VA or a specialised one, there are so many business tasks to delegate to your virtual administration support professional.

Now that you’ve read through this list, what tasks are you not prioritising? Which do you think would make the most impact on your business if you were to outsource them?

Remember, even though you might be able to do all the tasks yourself, doesn’t mean you should. Not convinced? Read this article “What I’ve Learned: Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself” where Dean Pendergrast, founder and CE of Enrolmy tells his startup journey and shares that by him holding onto too many tasks he actually hindered the momentum of his business.

Thinking about bringing a VA in to support your growing business? Book a Free discovery call with Heidi and we can brainstorm the help you need!