When you’re ready to grow,
It’s time to let go!

Delegate overwhelming office tasks to
Zesty Virtual Assistants.

Regain your precious time to focus on what really matters.

Your admin is our business™

Key services

Zesty Virtual Assistants Bookkeeping Daily. Woman with a pencil behind her ear, looking at a calculator, carrying out calculations.

Bookkeeping &

Books up to date and staff paid on time – everything you need to keep your finances in check and your accountant happy.

ZestyVA Website Online Booking Amelia

Office Admin &
Executive Assistance

With a real human answering your clients queries, scheduling meetings and appointments you’ll be exactly where you need to be exactly when you need to be there.

ZestyVA Website WooCommerce

Websites &
Social Media

Shine online with digital content which excites your customers and creates an online home for your business.

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Virtual Business Management

Brainstorming next steps is easier with someone who understands your business, and can keep you accountable. Support with managing your systems and processes keeping you streamlined as you grow.

Owning Businesses

Businesses Supported

Zesty Team members!

Zesty Virtual Assistants

🍋 Your Office Admin team 🍋

If you are struggling to juggle the multitude of tasks which constantly need to be completed, you may have given up on prioritising your task list, because everything seems urgent.

Many business owners feel like this!

Repetitive and often unrewarding tasks sap your energy which, as we all know, could be better focused on running your business or spending more time your family.

This is why I started Zesty Virtual Assistants!

As a business owner myself, I know how much time and energy these tasks take you away from the core function of your role; generating revenue and leading your business.

We virtually serve businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia; from Auckland and the Waikato, through to Taranaki, and of course Lower Hutt and Wellington City.

So delegate all tasks you can’t seem to do (or don’t want to do!).
Whether they are one-off or repeating tasks, you know we’ll get them done…

…allowing you to refocus your time and energy into what really matters for you; GROWING YOUR DREAM!

  • As a busy bisniss owner who is also dyslexic I would not to without Zesty, always there when I need things checked and even just to bounce bisniss plan ideas... read more

    aasha Mcg Avatar aasha Mcg
    15 November 2022

    Excellent service. Highly recommend to everyone!

    Anna H Avatar Anna H
    15 November 2022

    Friendly and supportive team, great service - would highly recommend

    Martina Bruwer Avatar Martina Bruwer
    15 December 2022
  • Heidi has been very helpful on a number of occasions giving me extensive information, advice and suggestions. I have had a number of questions touching on a variety of subjects... read more

    Jessica Parkin Avatar Jessica Parkin
    15 November 2022

    Heidi is exceptional with a wealth of knowledge! Would highly recommend her! She's awesome!

    Shamalka Perera Avatar Shamalka Perera
    15 July 2023

    I have been working with Heidi for a number of months now and she has been quick efficient and highly effective. I am noticing the improvement in my business and... read more

    Newflands Fiona Avatar Newflands Fiona
    15 November 2022

Industries we work with

Zesty Virtual Assistants ECE admin, Early Childhood Admin for childcare centres. Child playing with water in a bowl in a garden

Early Childhood Centres

Zesty Virtual Assistants Osteopath Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

Coaches & Consultants people sitting and standing in a circle discussing something.

Coaching & Consultants

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A Zesty Virtual Assistant is an
investment in you and your business.

Zesty Virtual Assistants - Heidi Wruck Owner Director

There’s so much more that goes into running a business than what your customers see!

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve personally run several businesses in Wellington, and as a team we’ve helped numerous clients organise their outstanding bookkeeping, streamline processes, work out a social media plan, as well as built and redesigned websites so they are a valued asset to the business.

So let us help you manage your load! Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an investment back into your business. Together we’ll streamline your processes, taking tasks off your to-do list and put them onto our, allowing you to focus on the reasons you started a business in the first place!

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Hand off those tasks today!

When your brain is bogged down with the daily tasks, your mind isn’t free to be creative.

As business owners we need to have the space in our brains to think big, plan and visualise. Repetitive admin sucks your thinking power!

So hand over everything that’s bogging you down. Your Zesty Virtual Assistants will take that out of your head and have it done for you.